Thursday, December 18, 2008

Anibal Tejada aka Scorpio

When I was first interested in learning chekere I somehow got in contact with a guy by the name of Scorpion who was living in Atlanta. Scorpion told me he had a group that plays guiro, aberikula, palo, and cajon and that if I wanted lessons that I was welcome. Fast forward a couple of years and Willie plays me a tape where he is rehearsing some Santo songs along with Angel Rodriguez and a cat named Scorpio. They were practicing three part harmony/wording and they sounded pretty good.

Anibal Tejada aka Scorpio/Scorpion, from El Barrio, has been singing for many years and he has sung along with some of the great singers and drummers of yesterday and today.

Alafia Abures, my name is Anibal Tejada, my Ocha name is Obairawo/King Of The Stars, but I'm better known by my nickname Scorpion. I am a Nuyorican born and raised in Spanish Harlem NY. I was crowned Shango on June 22nd 1979 in West New York, NJ by Margie Morales Omirelekun and Rafael Rojas/Chango Lade/Ibae. My line is from the Pimientas. My mother in Ocha is Yemaya Achaba. I am also Tata Nkisi/Siete Rayo from the house of Sarabanda Cortalima Brillumba Kongo Los Igualitos which is headed by Santiago(Chago) Lopez.
I am a Akpon/Singer of Lukumi and Palo. I started singing and playing in 1974 with Stephen Lloyd. Then I played shortly with Orlando(Puntilla)Rios, Alfredo Coryude, Milton Cardona, Totico, Teddy Holliday, Lazaro Galarraga, Hector "El Flaco" Hernandez, Felito Oveido and Cuquito Olivares.
In 1986 I started my own group called Grupo Alafia. I have played in almost every major Lucumi house in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. Some of my drummers in NY included Ralph Davila, Tito Cepeda, Pedro Ithier, Willie El Ruso Everich, Angel Rodriguez, Apache, Adetobi, Luis(Yambu)Monsanto and Raul/Medio Mundo/Ogun Anya/Caraballo(Ibae).
In 1990 I moved to Tampa Fl. There I started another guiro group with Pedro Ithier/Ochaweye from the Piranya clan. In 2003 my family and I moved to Atlanta GA where we currently reside.
Since I've been in Atlanta I have sung and played Guiro, Cajon and Bata/Aberinkula and Fundamento with Luis Carrerra/EfunDei, Juan Raymat/El Negro,Bill Summers/EshuBi and Sekou Alaje/OshunLaiwo.

* too bad I don't have any pics or video of Scorpio at this point and time, but maybe that will change.


Scorpion/Obairawo said...

I was just speaking to my homeboy Willie Everich. I was quite moved to see so many talented muscians on this site. Some I've had the privilege and pleasure to play with.

Willie and I go way back. I remember around 1984 Willie and Angel Rivera approached me and one of my gigs and asked could they play with me. The moment I heard them sing I said sure.

That started a realtionship that has lasted until the present. With drummers such has Tito Cepeda, Luis Yambu Monsanto, Adetobi, Apache and the late Raul Ogun Anya Medio Mundo Caraballo we played all over New York City. We were known as Grupo Alafia. A name which I carry up till now.

My fammily and I relocated from Atlanta GA to Oviedo Fl which is a town just 5 miles northeast of Orlando Fl on Sept 26th.

I hope soon to have a video of the group that I know have to show on this site.

Bueno, Felicidades Y Suerte to all my hermanos


Sentimiento Manana said...

Thanks for posting a comment on the site. It always puts a smile on my face to hear from the actual proponents of the art form. I hope all is well with you and your fam, and thanks for letting me know that your not in ATL anymore as I thought that was still the case. Don't be a stranger bro, and when you do get a video let us know.