Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nicky Laboy

I wanted to share some videos showcasing the talents of Nicky "Niko" Laboy. A son of "El Barrio", Nicky has been playing for quite some time, and at a relatively young age has reached a pretty high technical proficiency on the drums. Nicky is at the forefront of a young group of drummers which are keeping the traditional alive and well.

In talking to Willie the other day, we were discussing the exuberant video of Anya Ade at the tambor in the BX, and one of the conclusions Willie came up with was that the "drum" was in good hands.

(per Nicky: this video was taken at Pete Congas house for his birthday. Segundo y Cajon - N. Laboy, Tumbador- Pete "El Gordo", Cajon- Abi Holiday, Quinto - Tito Ogbeate, Dancing - Tito Sandoval & Lisa, Video Credit: exquisitemambo)

(Nick "messing around" on a vintage Valje drum that he fixed up, video credit: twistednyc2)

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