Friday, September 18, 2009

latin affair ( bongo solo by danny morales Video by DANNY(SALSA710) - MySpace Video

latin affair ( bongo solo by danny morales Video by DANNY(SALSA710) - MySpace Video

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WithoutaNation said...

Whats not to love..The media understands what our pres does not..U cannot stop Cuba!
This is sent on behalf of mi Prima Milagros Garcia Villamil

Juanes Cuba Show Draws Harry Belafonte
September 19, 2009 |
By Circles Robinson

Belafonte, left, Glover and Cuban Culture Minister Abel Prieto at the opening of the Itinerant Caribbean Film showing in Havana. Photo: Franklin Reyes, Juventud Rebelde newspaper.
HAVANA TIMES, Sept. 19 - US singer Harry Belofante is in Cuba with at least two objectives.

One was to inaugurate an itinerant festival of Caribbean Cinema on Friday and the other is to attend the mega-concert on Sunday organized by Juanes and the Cuban Music Institute.

Belafonte, 82, known for his outspoken opposition to US policy on Cuba told AP in Havana, “I’m absolutely delighted that the young artist from Colombia wanted this and took the game this far in spite of all the threats,” Belafonte said. “He stood in his own space of courage and wouldn’t be intimidated.”

On Friday US actor Danny Glover and Belafonte were at the opening of the film showing. Belafonte said he hoped the event “takes on a global scope.”

Sydney Portier, Harry Belafonte and Charlton Heston at a civil rights march in 1963.
Both Belafonte and Glover are UNICEF Good Will Ambassadors.

Belafonte also called on US President Obama to meet the “large expectations” coming from his hitting on “the theme of change” during his campaign. Regarding Cuba policy he said, “I like a lot of people am disappointed,” he told AP.