Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Quinto Mayor

Gene Golden - quinto
Skip Burney - tumbador
?- tres dos
Abraham Rodriguez - lead vocal
Papote Jimenez and Jose "El Chino" Real - coro

(Video Credit: Enchemi1)

Can someone please identify the dancer to the right, the couple that is dancing the yambu, the tres dos player and the gentleman that is standing behind Abie and Papote?


Anonymous said...

Nice video, thanks Gene and Ralph. It is rare to see yambu played, sung, and danced well. They play con mucho sabor, without overplaying. Beautiful.

Clemente Medina is on tres dos. Felix "Matanzas" is on cata. Rita Macias and Pedro Domech are the dancers. The video resolution is good but not that great, but it looks like Michel Aldama standing in back of the singers.
George Friedman-Jimenez

Barry said...

Clemente Medina on 3/2; Dancers I think are Pedro Domech...and Rita?

Sentimiento Manana said...

Thanks for the info guys.