Thursday, August 26, 2010

Las 7 salves de La Magdalena NYC CD Release Party Sep 10, 2010

My Las 7 salves de La Magdalena / 7 Songs of Praise for The Magdalene CD release party will be September 10, 7pm, at St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery (2nd Avenue and 10th St.).

There is no cover charge.

We'll have live music by Raquel Z. Rivera & Ojos de Sofia, feat. Bryan Vargas, Catarina Dos Santos, Desmar Guevara, Juan Gutierrez, Obanilu Ire Allende, Manuela Arciniegas...

It will also feature an art exhibit by Tanya Torres. Our CD release and art exhibit are dedicated to Mary Magdalene. It will be a playful and heartfelt celebration of the myth Tanya & I have named "Our Lady of Lexington".

The music is streaming here:

Please help me spread the word. ¡Gracias mil!

un abrazo,

Video invite:

What people are saying about Las 7 salves de La Magdalena:

“With its pure and honest sound, Las 7 salves de La Magdalena gives us the gift of an intimate experience full of personality and essence.”
— Brenda Hopkins Miranda, pianist and composer

"I loved the spirituality and embellished simplicity with which they recorded the seven tracks. This musical product is complete, round, honest and without pretentions."
— Hector "Tito" Matos, percussionist and director of Viento de Agua

"Rivera's fusion of Puerto Rican genres such as the seis and bomba with rarely-recorded Afro-Dominican salve and pri-pri rhythms point to an ideal zone of pan-Caribbean—and indeed, pan-human—understanding."
— Paul Austerlitz, ethnomusicologist, reed player and composer

"I'm in love with the project created by Raquel Z. Rivera & Ojos de Sofía. The 7 Songs of Praise for The Magdalene transport me to a familiar place. They are enigmatic and distant, close and profound. Creators of a powerful balance between pain and strength. Uplifting, clear and refreshing."
— Yarisa Colon Torres, poet and author of Sin cabeza

“The lyrics are playful, sensuous, strange, and at the same time familiar. The voice that sings is rich, tender, strong, powerful.”
— Anjanette Delgado,

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