Monday, November 17, 2014

IN MEMORIAM - Willie "El Ruso" Everich

Most that have been following the blog for some time have known of William Everich, personally or through the website. I have had the pleasure of knowing Willie personally. I have been to his house, I have eaten his food, I have hung out with him, and spoken with him countless times. Also you may have noticed that the blog has been dormant for quite some time. Along with several changes in my life as well as some issues that surfaced among Willie and myself, I just pretty much left the blogosphere.

All this to say, that Willie was a very straight forward cat and pretty much said what was on his mind, and let the chips fall where they may. This may not have won him friends, but it did win him the respect of most, myself included. I lost touch with Willie  and only knew of his passing through another friend, Felix Sanabria. Out of the blue Felix called me the other day and made me aware of Willie's passing. It is with great regret, sadness, and a mix of emotions that I feel compelled to write this right now.

Willie's sphere of influence was vast. He was down to earth and extremely approachable in every aspect. He didn't mince words and let you know how he felt. His sincerity is what I will miss most. Needless to say that this blog would not even exist if it weren't for his influence, knowledge, and dedication. He was truly one of a kind. A true son of the Bronx. It is difficult to write more at this time, so I will leave you with some videos that have probably been posted before.

If you didn't know Willie, you missed out, nuff said.

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