Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More info regarding a rare Yoruba Andabo recording...

If you are a regular "Sentimiento" follower than you are probably already checking out "Vamos a Guarachar", Barry Cox's site who has been doing this kind of thing for sometime now. Barry's site includes alot of rare information and even rarer music downloads like the aforementioned "Cajones Bullangueros" recording that you can still get off of his site I believe.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Story of "Cajones Bullangueros"

(Versión en español aquí.)

My very first post when I started this blog was a link to some recordings by Yoruba Andabo I call "Cajones Bullangueros." A friend gave me a cassette copy of the recordings a few years earlier and it quickly became one of my favorite rumba records.

I digitized the tape, put the tracks on a CD and designed a little cover, calling the whole thing "Cajones Bullangueros," which I thought was an apt title, considering the instrumentation used and the inclusion of a standout track by that name. (Most of the other songs were later released (in different versions) on their classic "El callejón de los rumberos.")

(you want to read the rest, click here)

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