Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Los Afortunados w/ Chico Alvarez & Crew

Gene has been putting up some great stuff on facebook, and for those that don't have an account, take it from me, you are missing out. Hopefully we will get him on board with Sentimiento soon, so we can post more vids directly to the blog, in the meantime I will share what I can. Check out this rare Los Afortunados recording from yesteryear featuring members of Chico Alvarez band. Gene is on tumbas, Alberto Serrano on quinto, Manuel El Llanero on clave, Donald Eaton on chekere, Paula Ballan, coro, Felix Sanabria on cencerro. Unfortunately I can't name the bass, tres, and flute player. If you know, let us know.

(Los Afortunados w/ Chico Alvarez, Video Credit: Gene Golden)

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