Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Raices Habaneras @ Esquina Habanera

The now defunct Esquina Habanera hosted some of the best rumba in the city for a couple of years. At it's strongest, you had acts like Los Munequitos coming through, and famous rumberos such as Ernesto Gatel, Amado Dedeu, Orlando Puntilla, and countless others. The Raices Habanera crew (based out of NJ) had many regulars in attendance throughout. Gene Golden was no exception.

This elder of "la rumba Nuevayorkina", was definitely a mainstay and his latest youtube offering has him taking part in a tasty columbia, check it out for yourself:

(Columbia @ Equina Habanera, Video Credit: Gene Golden)


Kai said...

Hi:thanks for this post. I just finished watching dame la mano. Why did this very authentic cuban club close down?

patricia said...

I love the music of Raices Habaneras. I would like to also know why the club Esquina Habanera closed?
I am fascinated with the people in Dame La Mano.
Would it be possible to write to them as well as the members of the band?
Is there a schedule of their upcoming performances? Patricia