Sunday, August 24, 2008

"La Timba No Es Como Ayer..."

If you been playing or listening to any rumba within the last 20 years, its evident that rumba is not being played as it was in the 60's or 70's. Not only that but the variance in how its played with respect to region (i.e. Havana, Matanzas, NY, SF, Miami) also varies widely. I believe this is probably one of the main reasons why rumba is here to stay, it is constantly evolving.

Here are some fine examples:

(Rumberos de Cuba- Ariel Monteresi-cantante, Maximino Duquesne- quinto, Yosvanni Diaz Herrera-tumbador- Eddie De Los Santos (?) - tres golpes, El Gato, Cusito, others - coro)

(Ilu Aye - Osvaldo "Bembesito" Lora- Lead Singer, Nicky Laboy - quinto, Jonathan Troncoso- tumbador, Camilo Molina- tres dos, Fidel Tavares - guagua, Ramin Quintana - chekere, Obanilu Allende - coro, Pupy Insua and Susan Sanabria - dancers)

Rumberos de Cuba have their own style typified by the use of a cajon/tumba combination and extensive conversations between the tres dos and the tumba part. Ilu Aye are probably playing some of the best rumba in NY and their arrangements showcase their wide talents, from Bembesito's singing, to Nicky's quinto, to Jonathan's great tumbador work. They are the one's to watch for.

More to come...

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