Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Puntilla's Crew

On my first blog entry I wrote a little info on the cats that were/are part of Puntilla's crew. El tambor del difunto Puntilla, "Obaye", has been played by quite a few talented cats, that will hopefully be covered in this blog as well.

As a sort of introduction, I would like to post a picture that was sent to me by non other than Felix Sanabria, tambolero completo, and owner of los tambores Aña Ade, Padrino to many of the younger cats rippin' it up nowadays, and rumbero extraordinaire. Felix has been part of many early and important NYC rumba groups such as Chevere Macum Chevere, Los Afortunados, Kubata and so on. Felix is a friend, teacher and all around cool brother. You will be hearing his name around here often as well.

For now...

message from Felix:

This picture was taken by the late Obadele(Omo Aganyu) from Philly at an Anya festival in honor of Ochun in October of 1993 at 630 Commonwealth in da boogie down Bronx.

* An important note...Canute Bernard, Lazaro, Puntilla, Chief Bey, Wilfredo, Pepe have passed away unfortunately, but their spirits live on. With Felix's help I hope to cover some info on Canute Bernard specifically in the near future.

More to come...

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