Friday, January 2, 2009

A Couple of Thoughts...

So ends another year...and without missing a step a new one is afoot and already a day old. As you may have noticed Willie and I have been pretty occupied with end of year rituals and have not posted to the blog as usual as we would like. We will be posting full force soon though. For all you regulars I just want to say thanks for a good year (although we just started in August 08') and hope to see much more of you in 09'. For all the newbies, I hope you find this blog just as entertaining as it is informational. Willie and I have always subscribed to the motto, "Less is more", and although we do post alot, it is rarely ever fluff. If it ever turns into such a blog, than rest assured it will not last for too much longer. I'd like to personally thank Willie, whom without the blog wouldn't have lasted more than a month, Alfie Alvarado (AAA) whose drive and willingness to share has been an inspiration in and of itself, and of course Felix Sanabria, for his openness and willingness in sharing his time, home and information. Much more to come in '09.

Thanks to all...

Eddie Bobe
Tony S
Ilu Aye
Barry Cox
Susan Sanabria
all others whom have contributed in some form or fashion...

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