Sunday, January 4, 2009

Luciano "Chano" Rodriguez....Calabashologist

Of course there's no such thing as a Calabashologist, but if there were, Chano would have certainly held a PhD. His knowledge of the plant, the fruit it bears and its cultural and historical place in the lives of the People of the Caribbean Island groups becomes abundantly apparent in this video of his teaching abilities. Filmed at a beautiful retreat called Wave Hill in the Bronx, Chano shares his knowledge with a family who give him their undivided attention. Chano, who lived in a private house in the Sound View section of the Bronx, actually grew shekere size gourds along the side of the house. To say he had a green thumb is an understatement. Besides being an excellent percussionist with a collection of drums from various cultural backgrounds, he was also an instrument maker which will be seen in the video as well. We lost Chano a while back and the community lost a source of knowledge and wisdom that doesn't come along every day. Chano...those of us that knew you loved you.

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DIZMAJIZ said...


My name is Mickey. Chano Rodriguez is my dad and I am interested in getting any video you may have of him. Unfortunately he passed away before my kids were born and I would love to show my children who there grandfather was. can you please contact me at so we can further discuss me getting video.