Friday, January 23, 2009

Youtube Vids

The following videos have been posted on "youtube", but not by Willie or I. I just wanted to highlight them for the players they feature.

Yambu @ Brecht Forum, Gene Golden- quinto, Skip Burney- tres dos, Matanzas (?) - guagua
(Video Credit: NaciPaBailar)
Guaguanco @ Brecht, Skip - quinto, ? - tres dos, Bailando Guaguanco: Pedro Domech, Tito Sandoval, Rita Macias, Xiomara Rodriguez
(Video Credit: NaciPaBailar)
Tata Cepeda - bailando, Obanilu Allende- primo
(Video Credit: tatacepeda)
Patato (ibae) and Friends
(Video Credit: chegodoy)

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