Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Puntilla Y Su Nueva Generacion - Doc Part 1

When I went to Felix's place on Friday night I was literally blown away at all the great and rare video that he had in his collection. I owe Felix alot, he is my first real teacher and one of the main reasons why I am doing what I do.

Felix showed me some great video of a French Documentary on the late Orlando "Puntilla" Rios (ibae). In this first segment you have Puntilla and his grupo playing bata. Its important to note the people that are playing in this clip. You have the late Pepe Calabaza (ibae) on iya, Papo Sterling on itotele, and Roberto Borrell on okonkolo. In the ankori section you have Felix, Freddy "El Super", Lazaro Bonilla, Evelyn Smart, and of course Puntilla as the akpwon.

*film courtesy of Felix Sanabria


patricio said...

this film is called "Latin Jazz in New York" and was directed by french musicologist Isabelle Leymarie in the early 90ies. I lost my personnal copy.
It's been a great pleasure to watch those bits again.


Sentimiento Manana said...

thanks for the info, I am glad you mentioned the musicologist name so we can give credit where due.