Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Eddie Bobe - "Central Park Rumba" (CD-PIR 1365)

Two nights ago I found myself looking through my collection for the great NYC rumba recording, "Central Park Rumba". What I find amazing is that this recording is almost 10 years old, but sounds like it was recorded yesterday. I wanted to highlight this particular album as it could very well be the definitive soundtrack to our little blog here.

Whenever I am thinking about buying a record I look at one thing first, the credits. Judging by who is playing on a particular record, I can usually tell what to expect, and this is usually the deciding factor for me. Needless to say CPR did not let me down.

Here are the cast of characters:

Eddie Bobé (lead vocals, timbales, congas, claves, shekere, guagua)
Orlando "Puntilla" Rios (lead vocals, quinto, cajon, iya, claves, coro)
Pedro Martinez (lead vocals, cajon, itotele, coro)
Felix Sanabria (quinto, cajon, okonkolo, coro)
Alberto Serrano (quinto, congas, cajon, claves, coro)
Jay Rodriguez (baritone sax)
Tony Batista (bass)
Jay Collins (flute)
Jonathan Crayford (piano)

Now, what you may not know is who played what, on which particular song. For instance I always wondered who is playing that great quinto on "Columbia para los Guerreros". Well my fellow bloggees and bloggettes, I talked to Felix Sanabria today and he gave me the scoop.

"Ta Ta"- Alberto is playing quinto, Felix and Pedrito are playing tumbador and tres golpes
"Rumba Para Los Olu Bata"- Alberto on 3 drums, Felix on okonkolo, Pedrito on itotele, Puntilla on iya
"El Mas Cumbanchero"- Felix is playing quinto and Alberto is playing 3 drums
"El Parque Central"- Felix is playing quinto and Alberto is on tumbador, ? is playing tres
"Columbia Para Los Guerreros"- Alberto is playing quinto, Felix is playing tres and Puntilla is on tumbador
"NYC Quimbombo"- According to Eddie Bobe: "the cut NYC Quimbombo is just me and Puntilla I overdubbed every thing, Puntilla is on Quinto"
"Alberto's Drum Solo"- Who do you think is playing on this one?
"Bonko"- Alberto is playing bonko enchemiya, Felix is on obiapa, and ? is on kuchiyerema
"Compa Galletano"- Puntilla is on quinto, Felix and Pedrito are on tres dos and tumbador

So there you have it, the official lowdown. If you don't have a copy of this click on the picture above.

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