Monday, October 13, 2008

So you want to learn about cajon?

(Cuero Y Cajon 2005, l- r: Luciano, Pedro, ethnomusicologist Nolan Warden, Silvano, Photo Credit: Nolan Warden)

A couple of years ago, ethnomusicologist Nolan Warden had put out a recording by a Cajon group out of Marianao aptly titled Grupo Cuero y Cajon - "Musica Folklorica de Cuba".

Here are the credits:

Pedro Pozo Pedroso: Musical Director, Cajon (Wooden Box), Vocals Silvano Pozo Pedroso: Tumbadora (Conga), Vocals Dairon Rodriguez Perlez (seated): Guagua, Guataca (Hoe Blade), Vocals Lekiam Aguilar Guerrero: Representation/Director, Vocals Luciano Silverio Ochandarena: Lead Vocals, Achere (Maraca)

Now, the commercial recording is one thing, then Nolan puts out a whole 212 page thesis on "Cajon Pa' Los Muertos", then he adds a dvd of live performances of the group and if that weren't enough he includes 3 cd's of live music from ceremonies as well. When he first put this monstrosity of a term paper out he was selling if for $15 I think. Needless to say I was all over it, and ordered my packet right away. I am happy to say that is looks like a publisher bought the rights to publish his work and you can buy yours at Amazon. Although its not going for 15 bucks, it is well worth it.

Its seems that at very young age our friend Nolan is forging quite a name for himself. I along with the familia @ Sentimiento Manana, want to congratulate him on his accomplishments and at the same time ask, "Hey Nolan, what else do you have in store for us...?"

(Small audio clip so you can get a taste, if you want more you know where to go)

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