Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rumba en El Bronx

The Bronx has always had it's fair share of rumbas y rumberos. At one time, you could find a rumba on any number of Kelly St. or St. James. Now for the most part they are relegated to indoor venues like the Sport's Bar on Castle Hill. The drummers, to their credit do their best to keep the outdoor free feel of the real rumba despite the surroundings. Here, members of Ilu Aye and Chino and Cece tear it up. Recorded 4/10/05.


CongaDR said...

Gotta love it!

Its wild how similar the style is from coast to coast.. These cats could be from my hood... nice to know we are on the same page!



Linda armonia Rumbera. Recordar no custa espacio...Saludos cubano y de un rumbero de Akokan del barrio de "cayo hueso"
los abrazo de todo corazon
La Rumba no va a morir ...


Sentimiento Manana said...


gracias por visitar el sitio, espero que lo disfrutes....