Saturday, November 1, 2008

Amigos de la Plena - Mama Angela's 80th Bday

"Nuestra cultura se debe de aprender entre familia."

Mama Angela was Felix Sanabria's mother, may she rest in peace (ibae). Felix and fam had gotten together to throw her a party for her 80th birthday. Felix wanted a traditional party so he contracted los "Amigos de la Plena" to play for his mother. If you notice you have Aurora Flores (of Zon del Barrio fame) and brother Yeyito playing with the group.

Felix is playing primo on this particular standard ("Campo") and to his surprise his father gets up to dance and Felix finds himself in the rare instance of having to marcar his father steps. Needless to say this was extremely important for Felix, having seen his father dance bomba right in front of his drum served as confirmation for Felix, as to why he is a drummer in the first place. Later on in the clip Felix's father and mother dance together.

The title under the video alludes to the fact that this/our music should be learned within the family. The sense of community and togetherness is evident in the video above and that is how it should be.

*film courtesy of Felix Sanabria


patricio said...

thanks for supporting.
I have a few more pics n vids to post on that blog.
Will have to do it some day but very busy at school these days.
You should ask guarachon for a copy of that CFN concert - one of the most beautiful things CFN did on film.
My best regards for your efforts.


Sentimiento Manana said...

Barry is good people...I would ask him but I am waiting on a copy from someone else, so I won't bother him for now..keep doing what you are doing Patricio, thanks for checking in on us..

Anonymous said...

cuba y puerto rico son de un pajaro las dos alas. we share the same flag colors and design and our cultures are more identical than any two countries in latin america.que viva la bomba y la plena y la rumba tambien.