Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Perdon" - Anya Ade

Here is a clip that Felix put up on youtube. I believe it took place after his presentacion of his fundamento "Anya Ade", at Julia de Burgos. If you look carefully, Pedrito Martinez is on quinto and singing, Bembesito is standing up to the right, Emilo Barreto is sitting on the left next to Ramin Quintana. It looks like Jonathan may be on tumbador, and Abi Holiday is on tres dos. Abraham Rodriguez is singing duo along with Wilfredo "El Jabao" (ibae). Nicky, Mikel Sotolongo, and Pepe Calabaza (ibae) are around the circle, and it looks like Obanilu is playing guagua. If you notice to your right there is a man and woman dancing, the "man" just happens to be the late Canute Bernard (ibae) and the woman is non other than Ileanna Santamaria (Mongo's daughter). Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

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