Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Los Rumbero All Stars - Rocky's Bday

Here is a rare video, courtesy of Felix Sanabria. Unfortunately Rocky (ibae) was to pass away not too long after this recording. Los Rumbero All Stars, arguably one of the most important and influential early rumba groups in the city, never got their due. Their influence will live on in the minds and memories of those rumberos that happened to be in the right time and place and witnessed them play in person. This particular clip shows the rumberos playing for Rocky's birthday up in Peeskill. It seems that Juan Vega "Bamboo" was not in attendance for this particular jam, but they had more than enough players needed to get the party jumpin'. Enjoy.

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THANK YOU for the recognition of us Veteranos..U.S ARMY 1968-1971.."JC" Johnny Conga