Monday, September 22, 2008

BomPlenazo 2008

Just wanted to let people know about this great event/s taking place in October. As Willie said the Bronx is going to be jumping in October.

BomPlenazo 2008 10/7-10/12

Fifth Biennial of Afro-Puerto Rican culture focusing on the traditions of Loiza, Puerto Rico with groups, from the island, such as Los Hermanos Ayala, Majestad Negra, La Sista and Los Parranderos de Loiza. From New York, Yerbabuena, Segunda Quimbamba and, celebrating their 25th anniversary, Los Pleneros de la 21. Six days of performances, workshops, encounters, seminars and a community jam and pig roast at the legendary Casita de Chema.


Aires de Loíza, Culture & Nature: A Retrospective of the Work of Samuel Lind; Inauguration of the FestivalOpening reception of the festival and of a retrospective exhibition of the work – paintings, sculpture and installation – of Loíza native Samuel Lind with masks by Raúl Ayala. Dedication of the festival to the memory of Adolfina Villanueva, Los Pleneros de la 21 and Marcos, Raquel and Raúl Ayala. Descarga by Los Instantáneos del Centro Cultural Rincón Criollo.
Admission: FreeArt Gallery


Segunda Quimbamba ■ Alma Moyó ■ Encuentro con los Maestros de Tito Cepeda y Miriam FélixFrom New Jersey, the celebrated family-based bomba y plena company directed by Juan Cartagena ■ One of New York’s most spirited bomba y plena ensembles directed by Alex LaSalle ■ Master bomba drummer Tito Cepeda and vocalist Miriam Félix in their tribute to the masters of the tradition. Special guest: Master bomba dancer Tata Cepeda.
Admission: $15Rep Theater


Bataklán ■ Restauración Cultural ■ Viento de AguaOne of the most innovative bomba ensembles to come out of Piñones under the direction of Edwin Paris and Hiram Abrante ■ Loíza’s powerhouse all-male bomba ensemble directed by Pablo Luis Rivera ■ Tito Matos’ innovative bomba and plena group in a set beginning with its “unplugged” format and ending with 20 musicians, including a full string section, and featuring the world première of Ricardo Pons’ composition commissioned by the Multicultural Music Group.
Admission: $15Main Theater


Ballet Folklórico Majestad NegraA special performance by Corporación Piñones se Integra’s youth dance troupe that has performed throughout the Caribbean under the direction of Maricruz Rivera Clemente. Performance at Julia de Burgos Cultural Center. Call for reservations.
By appt.J. de Burgos

Los Parranderos de Loíza ■ Yerbabuena ■ La SistaThe Loiza-based ensemble, Marcos Peñaloza director, performing bomba and plena of a century ago ■ New York’s powerful Puerto Rican roots ensemble under the direction of Carlos “Tato” Torres ■ Loiza’s very hip bomba and plena diva.
Admission: $15Main Theater


A Special intergenerational Bomba & Plena exchange organized by Julia Gutiérrez-Rivera, between Young NYC masters, Camilo Molina Gaetán, Nelson González, Alizé Roig, and Cristal Reyes, acompanied by Alexander LaSalle and Juan Manuel Usera, come together to perform for an interact with Loíza's legendary masters, LOS HERMANOS AYALA. An insightful trans-generation, trans-oceanic "show-me" exchange.
Admission: freePregones Theater (571-575 Walton Avenue, Bronx NY 10451)

Bomberos, Pleneros y BomPlenerosAn afternoon of local and visiting groups, including Bomba-yó, Yaya, Pura Plena, Matthew y su Cumbalaya, La Tribu de Juan Usera, Majestad Negra and more.
Admission: FreeRep Theater

Eco de Tambores ■ Los Pleneros de la 21 ■ Los Hermanos AyalaFrom Loíza, Carlos “Tatá” Cirino’s contemporary group with their bomba/reggaetón fusion sound ■ Celebrating their 25th anniversary, New York’s venerable bomba and plena ensemble, directed by National Heritage Fellow Juan Gutiérrez ■ Loíza’s legendary folkloric ballet under the direction of Marcos and Raúl Ayala.
Admission: $15Main Theater


Vente-tú (block party, pig roast and jam)
An afternoon of jamming and continuous performances with all the participants of BomPlenazo 2008 at Centro Cultural Rincón Criollo, the revered “Casita de Chema” on Brook Ave. and 157 St. in the Bronx.
Admission: Free ▪ La Casita

*La Escuelita del BomPlenazoWorkshops, Demonstrations, Classes*


Registration is required for the Plena Composition and Dancing Bomba workshops. To register for a workshop, arrange for a group visit, or for general information, call 718-518-4455.

*Concert tickets go on sale September 2. For further information and to purchase tickets, call 718-518-4455 or visit the box office. Group rates available. The three-concert package price is $36. Tickets also available online at www.hostos.cuny/culturearts.

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