Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rumboleros "Protesta Carabali" (Envidia 6325)

Ok, so last night I was digging through my collection because I wanted to hear this particular album on the drive to work this morning. Straight up and down this is not only a good recording sound-wise, its pretty historic if you ask me. It features many of "los fundadores" de Los Munequitos de Matanzas, and the singing is the best I have heard in a really long time. This recording (1968) featured a group of Matanceros whom were so popular they were playing in Havana just as much, if not more, than anywhere else. But the style is strictly Matanzas, through and through. I don't know why, but I get the feeling that this recording is not going to be available for too much longer, so snatch it up! (Click on the pic for a link to

Here is the track list:

Cuele Cuele 4:28 /La Protesta Carabali 4:38 /El Tonelero 3:33 /El Yambu De Saldehigeras 3:34 /Tambor Enamorado 3:56 /Perro Trabuco 4:08 /Pentagrama Musical 4:10 /La Plegaria 4:09 /Bava Kue Yambu 2:52 /Linda Habana Yambu 7:02 /Ritmo Criollo Guaguanco 3:53

Here are the musicians: (with their Abakua names in bold)

Pedro Vero Alfonso "Moni Bonco Afia Kaniran", Esteban Lantrice Saldehigeras "Empego Afia Kaniran", Primitivo Rodriguez "Acuere Bion", Catalino (Florencio Calle) "El Yamba Uliavon", Papito Díaz "Efi Varondi", Jorge Llorca "Acuere Bion", Reinaldo Brito "Alias Yambita", Pedro Celestino Fariñas "Efi Varondi"


Anonymous said...

Its actually also availiable on Emusic - where I had stumbled on it - but didn't know about this group or the actual date of the recording - but yes fantastic. Thanks for the info and love this blog! ache-

Anonymous said...

I just downloaded it from Amazon mp3 download . thanks for the history behind this beautiful Rumba Matancero. ache Marco