Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rumba de Cajon - Washington Heights

Here is a nice little rumba that Willie dug up and sent over. It is a glimpse into the one of many rumbas that took place on 182st and Amsterdam Ave in Washington Heights in the 80's and 90's. Armando's Rumbacera provided rumberos and regular working people the outlet they needed, to rumbiar and have a good time. Armando is truly an unsung hero when it comes to rumba in the city (Armando is the cat with the glasses behind the little kid who is singing coro into Ivan's mic). He spearheaded these jams, and he was quite the artisan. Jose Rivera has some of Armando's cajones and he ranks them among the best, along w/ Apache and Chano's of course. Unless I am mistaken Felix Sanabria owns a set of Armando's cajones as well.

This particular clip shows Ivan Ayala playing quinto and singing lead. Rene Lopez Jr is playing the tumbador, Matanzas is playing tres dos, and Hugo dances a little at the end. Towards the end Izzy Davila sings some inspiraciones to keep the coro going. I found it a very nice surprise to see my buddy Daniel Diaz "Oseiku" on the right behind Izzy. Oseiku is a great percussionist, well versed in many styles of drumming from rumba, to djembe, to Haitian, you name it...

Film shot by Willie Everich

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