Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Castle Hill Rumba 4/10/05

This particular video highlights the new generation of NYC rumbero. Sports Bar on Castle Hill Ave. was the place to be on Sunday nights if you wanted to hear rumba, and this particular night was no exception. On quinto you have Jonathan Troncoso, on tumba/cajon you have Nicky Laboy, and on tres golpes you have Jose Rivera, a well respected rumbero and first call percussionist within the bembe circuit. Jose "El Chino" Real is singing lead, and Matanzas is playing the guagua. Tito is dancing up a storm and another well respected percussionist, Obanilu Allende is playing clave and later marcando Tito's steps on quinto. In my personal opinion I believe that Oba is one of the best primo players in the city. Another older cat is shown dancing as well, but unfortunately I don't know his name to properly ID him. Danny Maldonado is called up to play tumbador towards the end of the clip.

As my pal Willie has said time and time again, (because of these young cats) the rumba is alive and well in the city.

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