Monday, September 8, 2008

La Rumba No Es Como Ayer - Blogsite

At work this morning (yeah I know) I was updating info on my blog and checking out Barry's excellent blog (Vamos a Guarachar!), as I usually do at least a couple of times a week. Every couple of days or so he will have some great info and rare music to download. I was very happy to read the blog this particular morning because he has a link to a great new blog called "La Rumba No Es Como Ayer". Barry and his partner in crime Patricio are compiling info on rumberos/rumberas/groups and putting it all on one site for the masses. This is great news, especially since something like this is right down my alley. Hopefully with what Barry and Patricio are doing on their side, what Tony is doing on his end, what Mark is doing in his corner, and what I am doing in my nook, we will be able to cover what needs to be covered. Enjoy!!!

(Virulilla, Photo Credit: Unknown)

Also check out this great interview w/ Ned Sublette and Ivor Miller (Voice of the Leopard):

I got this song off of Barry's site: (For all that want to know what "Sentimiento Manana" means, I'll let Miguel Angel Aspirina explain)

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